Scottsdale Realty Advisors

Rental Criteria

If you fully complete the application, pay the Non-Refundable Application Fee and provide us with all the documentation we request, we can process your application within 3 business days. You will be contacted immediately upon determination of approval or denial. All applicants over the age of 18 must submit a fully completed, dated and signed rental application and pay the Non-Refundable Application fee. No rental property will be held vacant for more than two (2) weeks, unless approved by REALTY PARTNERS LLC.

1. required information

  • Fully completed and signed Application Form

  • Legible Copy of Driver's License or Government Issued Photo ID

  • Proof of income: Your two most recent pay stubs, W2, if you are employed, or last 2 years' tax returns if you are self-employed or if you work in a cash industry.

  • Pet application if applicable.

Upon receipt of your rental application, application fees, and all supporting documents, you can expect and hereby authorize us to: (1) check your credit report; (2) check the public records for any past evictions; (3) verify your employment; (4) verify your references; and (5) do a criminal background check.

State and local housing laws are strictly followed by our brokerage. We do not refund application fees after it is run through our website. If your application is approved, you will have 24 hours to pay your Earnest Money Deposit: Earnest Money Deposit equals to one month's rent plus $195 lease administration fee. Upon approval and receipt of your Earnest Money Deposit, we will prepare your lease which you will be required to sign within 3 business days from receipt. Once your application is approved and the Earnest Money Deposit is paid, your Earnest Money Deposit becomes non-refundable.

The Earnest Money Deposit will not be refunded to applicant and will be forfeited if Applicant:

  • Fails to sign the lease;

  • Fails to provide additional funds required;

  • Does not take occupancy on the scheduled move-in date.


  • Security Deposit not to exceed 1.5 times the monthly rent (Actual amount may vary);

  • $195 Lease Administration Fee;

  • Risk Mitigation Admin charge as applicable, see below.


  • To qualify for the advertised security deposit amount you must meet the following criteria. If your credit, work history, or income does not qualify, you may still be approved but at a higher security deposit amount plus increased Risk Mitigation Admin charge:


  • All lease transactions involve risk. To mitigate this risk for both landlord and tenant, REALTY PARTNERS LLC routinely video tapes the condition of properties before and after each tenancy, ending most security deposit claim disputes before they begin.

  • Credit history should show that the applicant has paid bills on time and does not have a history of write-offs or collections.

  • Offering an approval to a prospective tenant based upon total credit score below a 600 involves a higher inherent risk to the landlord and to the property manager. REALTY PARTNERS LLC can offer applicants with lower that 600 credit score an opportunity to rent from us by offsetting the monetary risk for owner and management company. As long as applicant can and does pay the additional fee associated with their credit scores a lease can be offered.

5. Risk Mitigation Admin charge for Applicants

  • Credit score: 600-850 - Risk Mitigation Fee: None - Refundable security deposit: 1x monthly rent

  • Credit score: 550-599 - Risk Mitigation Fee: 10% (not to exceed $150) - Refundable security deposit: 1.25x monthly rent

  • Credit score: 500-549 - Risk Mitigation Fee: 20% (not to exceed $300) - Refundable security deposit: 1.5x monthly rent

  • Credit score: 300-499 - Denied. Any applicant with a credit score under 499 must be declined due to an unacceptably high credit risk. Ask to see if you can qualify with a cosigner. Co-signers are accepted at the manager's discretion only. They must complete an application, provide all documentation required of applicants, must meet all requirements and must sign the lease agreement.

  • Dealing with Multiple Applicants: A risk mitigation charge will be assessed based on the
    AVERAGE FICO score of all adults. No FICO Score: Applicants who do not have a FICO score
    may be assigned a score of 500 for the purpose of determining their risk mitigation fee and
    refundable security deposit.

  • We are not able to provide you with the credit report or tell you of its contents; however, we will
    provide you with the name of the credit reporting agency so you may receive a copy of it from the credit bureau. All information collected for the approval or denial of this application is considered confidential in nature for company use only.


  • Applicants must have a combined gross income of at least three (3) times the monthly rent.

  • Incomes must be verified in writing; applicant may provide recent pay stubs.

  • Self-employed applicants may be required to produce upon request two (2) years of signed tax returns,
    unemployed applicants must provide proof of income.

7. CREDIT/civil records

  • Credit history and/or Civil Court Records must not contain landlord judgments, eviction filings,
    landlord collections, or liens in the last 5 years.

  • Bankruptcy is OK provided it has been discharged.

  • Foreclosures are OK provided the rent is less than the amount of your mortgage payment.

8. criminal HISTORY

  • We do not accept applicants with records of the following crimes: FELONY Conviction, guilty plea, or no-contest plea within 7 years: murder, manslaughter, assault, robbery, burglary, rape, child molestation, kidnapping, arson, reckless burning, Domestic Violence, destruction of property, identity theft, Delivery or Sale of Illegal Drugs, Possession with intent to deliver, Manufacture of Illegal Drugs.Nor will we accept applicants with outstanding criminal warrants charging any of the above offenses.

  • We do not rent to any person required to register as sex offender.

9. Occupancy Standard

  • A maximum of 2 persons per bedroom, except for infants under 4 years of age.


  • Rental history will be verified for each applicant

  • Past evictions will not be accepted


  • No pets/service animals of any kind are permitted without first applying and completing the required paperwork.

  • Service animals will require 2 additional forms to be filled out, please check out our website for for more information.

  • REALTY PARTNERS LLC will charge up to $25 monthly pet rent during the lease term, except service animals.

  • More than two pets per household will require specific owner approval.

  • Fish, reptiles, and birds are all considered pets.

  • No aquariums larger than 10 gallons are allowed.

  • No ferrets or rodents allowed.


  • Any request for exceptions to these criteria must be submitted in writing to REALTY PARTNERS LLC for consideration. If approval is then given for such exceptions, additional deposits or co-signers may be required.


12. Additional Terms

  • Applicant is aware that the property is delivered in AS-IS condition.

  • Keys will be released on the first (1st) day of occupancy as stated on the application.

  • Request for keys earlier must be accompanied with additional prorated rent and may require a $100 Rush Move-In Fee.

  • Request for immediate Move-In within 2 days of submitting application may require a Rush Move-In Fee.

  • Maintenance and Repair - When you rent a home from our company, we strive to ensure that all items are in good working order. Please report any maintenance or repair request during your first 5 days of possession.

13. Multiple Applications

Because we process applications so quickly, it is rare that we will ever have multiple applicants for the same property. If such is the case, however, we will select to approve an application in the following manner:

  • We will consider applications multiple if they are completed all within the same business day from 9 am till 9 am the next business day.

  • If we have more than one completed application that met our criteria within the same time frame, we will first offer the property to the application with the soonest move-in date.

  • The approved applicant must submit Earnest Money Deposit within 24 hours of time of approval or we will offer the property to the next applicant after that timeframe.

  • Because REALTY PARTNERS LLC represents the best interest of the rental property, applicant accepts and understands the necessity for REALTY PARTNERS LLC to expend time and cost in obtaining credit reports, criminal reports, and other administrative costs. Hence, our policy that the application fee is non-refundable.

  • If your application met our criteria but was not the approved one for the property for which you are applying, you may consider applying for other available properties that we may have, without payment of an additional application fee.

Application Instructions

Complete your application at the link below. Applications are $40 per application. Everyone over the age of 18 must complete a separate application and pay the $40 application fee.

Equal Opportunity Housing

Scottsdale Realty Advisors does not and will not discriminate against any person based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, or sexual orientation