Work Smarter, Scale Faster

Every Property Manager wants to do a better job for their owners, but they also want to grow their business to become more profitable. Leveraging Rentzap as your listing team helps you do both, in ways that were never previously possible.


Listings To Be Proud of

91% of rental searches start online. Our professional photos and descriptions help seekers fall in love with your home at first sight.


Humans, With Software

No logins, no passwords, no tools to learn. Our team talks to you and your prospective tenants like humans.


Leverage for Scale

We take the biggest time-sucks off your plate, and do them better than you could alone. You can take on more listings and spend more time talking to owners.


“Among the other property management companies I have engaged with, your property was the most user friendly and by far easiest to tour”

- Real Home Seeker


Be Proud Of Your Properties

Today’s home seekers expect high quality photos and information on listing pages. By leveraging Rentzap, you can attract more seekers than ever before.


Professional Photos

Our professional photographers and photo editors team up to showcase your properties in the best possible way. Home seekers can fall in love with your properties before even viewing in person, and they do — 30% more people click on our listings on Zillow vs similarly priced/located listings.


Listing Creation

Our Listing Specialists pair professional photos with well-written descriptions to supercharge your listings. Everything about a Rentzap listing builds trust with the seeker, helping them believe the property is managed by someone who cares about the property and their rental experience. The choice is clear: seekers want to rent from people who care about their future home.



Once we've done all the work of making your listings look professional, it's time to get eyeballs on them. We syndicate to the largest home rentals sites like Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads to ensure you get as many high quality home seekers looking at your listings as possible. The home seekers can call, text, or contact us using the forms that those websites have built in, and we'll respond to them immediately, 24 / 7.


“Rentzap has improved not only my business but my quality of life! The quality of tenants has improved. The response time from the staff is remarkable.”

- Kelly Kowalski, United Brokers Group


Harness Technology Without Losing the Human Touch

Technology is a powerful tool for helping businesses become more efficient and grow, but all too often it's cold and confusing. Rentzap fuses technology with responsive, empathetic humans to create a seamless, stress-free experience for seekers and listers alike.


Highly responsive Seeker Support

Our system responds to home seekers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As soon as they express interest, be it through a form on Zillow or calling the number we provide, we respond and ask them our pre-qualification questions to set up a viewing. From that point forward, a human reviews every piece of the flow to ensure the seeker is progressing without issues. Lockbox issue while viewing? We're there to help.


We're your teammates

We talk to you like a human, too! There are no logins, no passwords, no software to learn -- just text with us like you would anyone else on your team. Want to request a new listing? Just text us an address and a rent price! Got questions about your listing's performance? We're happy to dig in with you! We're excited to work with you, and responsive to your listing needs.


Human notes into Market data

The mix of humans and technology runs deep in our DNA. In addition to the wealth of data generated by our SmartShow system, we also collect data from the field. Our On-Site Specialists note attributes of properties that we know or suspect add or detract from a listing's rentability. That data is immediately useful for your conversations with owners, and it feeds a growing database of market insights that will power even more nuanced data -- it's how we learn things like having a dirt back yard adds 2x DOM.


"As a small business owner, time is everything. Rentzap has allowed me to manage rental properties across a major metro area, without sacrificing quality”

- Nick Stratton, Bullseye PM


Grow With Us

An unfortunate reality of the Property Management business is that scaling is hard. As a generalist, you have to wear a whole lot of hats and do a lot of things pretty well. By leveraging Rentzap, you can free yourself up to specialize and scale in ways you never had the time or resources for previously.


24 / 7 Responses To Seekers

Over 60% of home seeker contacts come in outside business hours. We answer when you can’t, and we do so over texting (the preference of seekers), which yields dramatically more (and more immediate) responses. No leads fall through the cracks. Our 24 / 7 response ensures home seekers continue down the path towards leasing from the moment they take interest in your property.


In The Field For You

How many times have you had to turn down possible clients because their properties are all the way on the other side of the city? You can't possibly drive out there regularly and still get your work done. Our On-Site Specialists do the driving for you at listing setup time, as well as check-ins when any issues are reported by seekers.


Data-Driven Owner Conversations

How often are your conversations with owners driven by fears and things they've found online or heard from other owners? We help eliminate the emotional guesswork around why a property isn't renting as quickly as your owner would like. We send you known positive and negative indicators of rentability at setup, daily totals of your lead data, and feedback from each seeker who views your property.