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As a company, we do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and welcome Persons of all Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status or National Origin.

Rental Criteria

Lease Start Date

Lease needs to start within undefined days or less from application acceptance


Applicants must be able to prove legal presence in the United States and provide at least one current, valid government-issued photo ID.

View acceptable forms of identification


Average Effective Gross Monthly Income ("AEGMI") for the household must be at least (3) times the amount of the monthly rent.

In municipalities that require landlord participation in voucher programs, household must provide at least three (3) times gross income for the household's portion of the rent.

Additionally, voucher recipients are encouraged to review and understand all qualifying criteria, including deposit payment schedules and move-in date requirements before applying.

View acceptable forms of income documentation


The average credit score for the household must equal or exceed undefined or higher

  • A soft credit inquiry will be processed on each applicant
  • At least one member of every household must have a valid credit score and credit history
  • Open collections, Charge Off and Judgments to housing providers must be satisfied
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy must be discharged over 90 days from date of application submission
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy must have an “order date” from the court that is at least one (1) year from application submission.
  • Applicants with adverse actions from a "payday loan" or similar establishment within a five-year period of application submission will be denied.
  • Applicants with garnishment/collection from a State Child Support Agency within a two-year period prior to the application submission will be denied.

Criminal History

  • Applicants that are registered sex offenders will be denied
  • Applicants must have no felony convictions less than 5 years old that involve violent crimes against persons or property, including but not limited to murder, arson, kidnapping, assault, bomb-related offenses, robbery or burglary, terrorism OR that involve the manufacturing or distribution of drugs in any manner
  • All other felony convictions must be more than 3 years old
    Conviction of any drug-related offenses involving possession only, or alcohol-related offenses where no one was permanently injured or killed, must be at least 2 years old
    Successful completion of any felony sentence at least 2 years ago and no new criminal activity for at least 2 years before this application is required
  • No Applicant with any outstanding warrants or crime that is awaiting trial will be accepted
  • If the Applicant would like Rentzap to review additional information regarding the felony conviction or the current arrest or warrant as part of their rental application, the Applicant is permitted to submit that information along with their application and it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please submit by emailing team@rentzap.com
  • Applicants are encouraged to attach additional documentation or information to the application if they believe that documentation or information is relevant and necessary for the processing and evaluation of the application. Please submit by emailing team@rentzap.com

Residential History

Rental history and/or previous home ownership will be verified for each applicant 
  • An application is not considered complete until all the addresses that were occupied by the applicant in the last 2 years are documented
  • No more than (2) late Rent payments in a 12-month period
    No more than one (1) NSF Rent Payment in a 12-month period
    No non-compliance issues that resulted in non-renewal or eviction
  • No applicants with prior or pending eviction within a 3-year period of application will be accepted
  • No applicants with outstanding monies owed to an apartment community or landlord will be accepted. 


Animals must meet criteria determined by the housing provider

Qualified Assistive Animal

Assistive animals require documentation as outlined by The A.D.A and HUD Guidelines FHEO-2020-01:

An individual seeking a reasonable accommodation for an assistive animal should provide documentation from a caregiver addressing that the animal provides support and alleviates one or more of the identified symptoms or effects of an existing disability.

If you do not have a Reasonable Accommodation form, you can download and use this one: Download Form

Such documentation will be deemed sufficient if it establishes that an individual has a disability and that the animal in question will provide some type of disability-related assistance or emotional support.

Rentzap is a web-based screening tool and an individual’s disability or disability-related need for an assistance animal is not readily apparent or known to us. In cases where Rentzap becomes aware that a disability is readily apparent or known but the disability-related need for the assistance animal is not, we still require documentation of the disability-related need for an assistance animal.

For more information about assistance animals, visit: HUD's website


  • Households with more than two persons per bedroom plus one additional person will be denied
  • Per city ordinance, households with three or more unrelated persons applying for homes in the City of Tempe will be denied.


Guarantors are not allowed


States that are community property states require that married persons and their spouses all sign leases in excess of 1 year

Falsifying Information

Any fraudulent, false or misleading information will result in a decline

Additional Requirements

Applicant understands that deposits and fees listed on any advertising may be required to be paid in full in as little as 24 hours from acceptance and no later than prior to move in.

Public Disclosures

$55 per adult (non-refundable)

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