Helping you grow
your rental business.
Cut Days On Market in half        |       
Save 20+ hrs per listing        |       
Eliminate phone calls

We pre-screen leads

About half of your leads won't qualify. Don't waste your time or theirs.

We set up viewings

Seekers can view homes at their own convenience, eliminating time wasted on scheduling.

We give you data

Daily updates on performance, plus feedback as it happens. All via texting.

"My showing experience was wonderful. Loved the comfort of viewing the house without someone staring at us the whole time. Felt free to discuss things between us."
- Real Prospective Tenant

Make tenant turnover a profit center, not a stress...

Get viewings within hours, not days
60% of our seekers view within 3 hours; 90% within a day

Make smarter decisions with data
Daily updates on contacts, viewings, feedback, and more

Focus on growth, not logistics
Our Field Managers take care of setups, teardowns, photos, and more

Used by agents at top brokerages:
"It's like having a world class rental agent, but cheaper!"
- DeAnn Fry, West USA
RentZap Customer

How It Works

1. We create & optimize your listings

Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Craigslist, and more! You don't have to lift a finger!

Not only that, but we take and/or enhance all your photos -- your rental homes have never looked so good!

2. Our service responds (and follows up)

When leads come in, our service asks a few simple questions, then matches their answers against your rental criteria.

Our service also follows up three times if the lead doesn't answer all the questions right away.

3. We set up showings with qualified leads

We use your rental criteria to determine whether a lead is qualified. If they are, they are asked for Govt ID then given a unique single-use access code to view the property.

We solicit feedback from everyone who views the property and pass it along to you.

If they're interested, we direct them to your application to complete the turnover process.

No passwords, no logins, just texting.

"Thanks so making it such a seamless experience. It was awesome that we could view the house on such short notice."
- Prospective Tenant
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